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with Custom
3 Dimensional Hair Color

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Kelly Knox Hairstylist Nolensville Salon hair color
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Kelly Knox Hair stylist Nolensville hair color salon


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What People Are Saying

“I always look forward to my hair appoints with Kelly!  Her skill and creativity never cease to amaze me. The passion and attention to detail truly set's Kelly apart.  My hair has never looked better, and I leave the studio feeling confident and refreshed. Thank you for consistently exceeding my expectations."

— MH

“I'm in love with the modern blonding look, and I owe it all to Kelly.  Her meticulous approach, incorporating special blonde pieces, has given my hair a new level of brightness.  The mix of techniques she uses creates a beautiful and seamless blonde effect.  The simple retouches in between sessions are the key to maintaining my look. I am forever grateful for Kelly changing my blonde. 

— MW

Starting with a Hair Journey Map

The art behind hair is knowing when and where to place lights and shadows in just the right places, elevating the contours of your face shape and accentuating the texture of your hair.


Crafting Modern Blondes and 3 Dimensional Brunettes and Reds involves the strategic layering of advanced techniques (balayage, foliage, baby lights, tip outs, etc).  The beauty of these 3-dimensional colors lies in the meticulous details stacked upon each other.  Let me handle the intricacies of "how," "when," and "where," ensuring a tailored look that complements your individual style.  These 3-Dimensional Color session's do require more focus, planning and time. Every Season, we look forward to creating subtle or bold color shifts for your updated look, offering this experience 2-4 times a year. We will map out an annual Hair Journey to reach your goals and minimize time walking around with a regrowth line.


Design school instilled in me a sculptural perspective on life, and for the past 2 decades I've been sculpting hair and customizing looks for people. I view the hair from all angles and each strand from the top, middle, ends and then again from the front, sides and back.  Each of these 6 areas are taken into account where you need lights, darks, shadows along with short or long pieces to enhance your look, hair texture and facial features. Strategic placement of color on each specific area is the beauty of 3 Dimensional color.

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