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Where can I park when visiting your studio inside the Lux Salon Suites?

Park conveniently in the lot in front of the LUX Salon Suites. Follow the hill up to find the entrance at the backside of the Hill Center for easy access.

I'm coming in for a color appointment!

When should I wash my hair? 

I prefer for you to come to the salon for your color service with clean and dry hair (washed within 30 hours of your color appointment).

After receiving color when should I wash my hair? 

I recommend waiting 48 hours to shampoo. Using salon quality shampoo and conditioner is also advised.

How do I cancel my appointment? 

The cancellation policy requires 24 hours advanced notice. Log into the Varago booking site and select cancel or send a text message.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Before and after photos may be taken to show off your new look.  Neutral clothing is preferred for the hair to be the showcase of the photos.

I have more questions:

Is there an in-person consultation option?

Yes, you can book a 30 min. consultation on the booking link for no charge.  We can discuss your goals, hair needs and design a map for your hair journey. 

Should I bring inspiration photos with me?

Absolutely! Bringing in photos helps me grasp the specific elements you love or dislike, providing valuable insight to plan and execute your new look.

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