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Kelly Knox hairstylist Nolensville hair color salon
Kelly Knox hairstylist  hair color salon
Kelly Knox hairstylist Nolensville Tn hair color salon

Hi there!

 I'm a Hairstylist, and I create custom looks for your hair all year around.

The desire for creativity guided my path early on. I majored in interior design at a private design college, absorbing knowledge about lines, shapes, colors and proportions.  My next chapter unfolded in Los Angeles where I traded in architectural designs for the art of hair in cosmetology school.  As a native of Nashville, I came back to my roots and spent 15 years at a top salon in Green Hills.  With my family residing in Nolensville,  I have become a business owner of a salon studio suite, Ginger Roots Studio. After coming from the hustle and bustle of a large salon, it is refreshing to focus on one client at a time in a relaxing quiet space of my own.  While in my chair, bid farewell to dull hair and mundane foil touch ups.  As a hairstylist, I understand the frustration of lacking a fresh personalized look.  That's why I specialize in creating custom features for each individual.  My sculptural approach, honed in design school, brings excitement to your hair with personalized color placements and haircuts that go beyond a mere trim.  Making fine hair appear fuller and long hair have seamless movement is a favorite of mine.


I view the world through a " how do I make that" lens. This perspective is the driving force behind my creative endeavors. I'm always involved in a project- whether it's volunteering, hosting, cooking, or building and crafting decor for events.

I'm all about creating custom looks that suit you all year long.  Together we will eagerly anticipate the excitement of your new 3 dimensional look, bringing a refreshing change 2-4 times a year. Get ready for a vibrant, personalized hair journey.

                                                                                 Be You, Be Beautiful,

Kelly Knox hair stylist salon hair color
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