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Love your hair all year long...

Getting highlights every 6 weeks will only get you so far but to have the hair that you love daily, it takes a planned journey, a commitment to maintaining and the right care.

I can't wait to have a through consultation with you and map out a vision for your hair journey so that you can LOVE your hair all year long.

Your journey to loving your hair begins here...

dimensional hair color highlight balayage hair stylist

A Custom Experience

My speciality is in creating 3-Dimensional hair color, a custom and personalized service tailored just for you. Using a combination of advanced technique's adds depth and movement to your hair creating a look that's full of life.  

When you come in, I'll assess your hair from the top, middle, and ends to decide where to place lights and shadows.  Each shade is chosen to complement your skin tone, hair texture and personal style. The result is a vibrant, dynamic appearance that looks effortlessly natural.  Let's create a hair color that's uniquely yours.

Start by choosing a 3 Dimensional Color session and I'll choose the combination of color techniques to get you to your hair goals while educating you with tips and tricks along the way.

In between season's, maintain your look with a REFRESH session.

dimensional hair color highlights balayage hairstylist
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